Scottish Fire and Rescue Community Asset Register (CAR)

Back in October 2017 the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service launched the Community Asset Register (CAR).

Essentially this is a register of volunteers who have a particular asset or skill which they feel could be used to support emergency services and responders at an incident.

Examples include someone with a boat who could be called in times of flooding to assist evacuate people from houses to a place of safety.  Similarly someone with a 4X4 may be used in times of severe snow to transport vulnerable people to a community hall.

Further information about the CAR can be found on the link below:

Unfortunately, it is impossible to gauge how often a volunteer will be requested.

Mobilisations can be determined by severe weather, a specific type of asset/skill required for the incident, the emergency services availability and resources in the area and the location of the volunteer.

It must be stressed that even when someone has registered, they are under no obligation to mobilise when they are called by the Operations Control centre.

For anyone to register an interest and request a form they would be required to email: and a registration form will be sent to be completed along with guidelines on how to complete the registration process.

Clock Is Ticking For Budget Proposals Feedback Forms

Tomorrow, Friday 2nd February, is the last day you can feedback your views of the Budget Proposals to Clacks Council.

If you wish to do this online, here is the link –

If you have a paper version, then please ensure that this is returned to Alva CAP or to the collection box in Alva Co-op by no later than 3pm tomorrow.

Thank you

Alva Glen Workday- Sunday February 4th from 11am till 1pm

Hi All,
The first workday of the year is on Sunday.
Lots of things to do including:
Litter picking,
Sweeping the steps,
Clearing the decomposing leaves from the path through the gate at the top of the steps,
Preparing the the new beds, where the trees have been felled, for planting,
Sorting out the brash pile by the entrance to the glen so that it is easy for the council to chip-they get upset if it is not arranged properly! 
Clearing the lade area of saplings and weeds.
Hope you can make it on Sunday.
Cheers Glyn.

Audit Scotland Article – “Serious concerns” over Clackmannanshire Council

Audit Scotland have published an article about the well publicised financial problems of Clackmannanshire Council.
The article refers to the Accounts Commission as being their source.
You can read the full article by clicking on this link …..

The link to the Best Value Assurance Report by the Accounts Commission is…

It contains information like this….
Clackmannanshire faces many challenges

9. Like most areas of Scotland, the population of Clackmannanshire is ageing;
by 2033, one in four people in the council area will be over 65. Over the next
20 years the population is expected to decrease by 2.4 per cent, against a
national expected increase in population of 8.8 per cent in the same period.

10. Clackmannanshire has significant concentrations of deprivation, including Alloa South and East and Tullibody North and South. People living in deprived areas have fewer resources and opportunities, for example in health and education.
Nationally, Clackmannanshire has the eighth highest concentration of deprivation of the 32 Scottish councils. Full-time jobs in Clackmannanshire pay less than the Scottish average, and pay has fallen by six per cent since 2013, in contrast to a two per cent increase across Scotland.

11. The proportion of school leavers entering higher education in 2014/15 was
26 per cent, well below the Scotland rate of 38 per cent. There are around 9,000
children in Clackmannanshire, with around 2,000 (22 per cent) living in workless
households and 2,400 (27 per cent) living in poverty.

Appeal For Budget Feedback Forms


There have been in excess of 250 Budget Feedback Forms handed out so far, yet only NINE have been handed into Alva CAP and ZERO put in the Collection Box in the Co-op.

With the deadline of Feb 2nd just over a week away and the data on the entry forms needing to be input manually before that, could we please get those forms back a.s.a.p.

You only have one chance to express your views and this is it!!

Thank you 🙂


The Clackmannanshire Council has made the above named Order under Section 14 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 (as amended) on 18th December 2018.

The effect of this Order shall be to close to vehicles:-

The period from 0800 hours on Monday 22nd January 2018 until 1700 hours on Sunday 18th February 2018, on the section described in Schedule. The temporary closure is necessary to allow excavation for new gas, electric and water mains.  Pedestrian access will be retained.

The document for this order is available to view/download here

A copy of the Order, together with a copy of the relative plan, is available below or may be examined at Clackmannanshire Council’s Offices, Kilncraigs, Alloa, FK10 1EB, and any Council Office/Library, during normal office hours free of charge.