May 2014 Minutes

The minutes of our may 2014 meeting are on the Minutes page. We have not received a Police report for May, but the officer who attended our June meeting gave us a report for two months. This report will accompany our June minutes if we receive it.

Kids’ Club at Alva Baptist Church

Looking for some fun and excitement for the children (and a couple of hours peace for yourself)? Alva Baptist Church are hosting the “Fit for a King” children’s holiday club from Monday 14th July to Friday 18th July at 10am to 12pm every morning that week for all children who have just finished P1-P7. Bring your kids along for songs, stories, games, crafts and loads of fun.


Alva Welcomes The Queen’s Baton

On Wednesday June 25th 2014 the Queen’s Baton arrived in Alva to be carried to Cochrane Park by a relay of 6 local people. There it was greeted by pipes and drum, dancers from Alva Academy, singers from Alva Primary School, Highland dancers, and a warm welcome from the people of Alva. We’d like to thank everyone who helped to organise and set up for “B in the Park”, and to the people of Alva who helped to make this a memorable occasion. I managed to get some video footage of the baton making its way through Alva and the festivities in the park. Thanks to Patricia Ward for the photos and Graham Burt for the “arriving at the park” video footage.

Baton bearers are:

  • Jenny Paterson
  • John Glencross
  • Barry Munro
  • Fiona Lee
  • Chelsea Murphy
  • Lesley Dawson

Just in case anyone is interested in knowing how it is possible to race the baton up the main street and get in front of most of the runners to get video footage, here’s a video of my wee adventure.


oneshowOn June 25th the Queen’s Baton Relay will be passing through Clackmannanshire, and The One Show will be following it around. We have 60 free tickets for The One Show live at Lornshill Academy. If you can get there for 6pm and would like to be in the audience of the show please email your name and address plus the number of tickets you require to and we will do our best to allocate them fairly.

UPDATE: We have heard that this is not a live broadcast from Lornshill, but the show are hoping to do a link up. Existing ticket holders have already been informed.

Fun Day Music Credits

expand_copyleftIt’s nice to have music playing on occasions like our fun day to help people have a good time. However funds are tight and we did not want to have to buy a PRS or PPL license in order to be able to play the copyrighted tunes that you hear on the radio every day. Fortunately there are some excellent resources on-line where you can get free tunes that can be used without having to pay a license fee. In the “sharing is caring” spirit in which these lovely people have provided music for us to enjoy we would like to give credit to the artists who allowed us to use their work by sharing it using Creative Commons licenses, as well as the local artists who explicitly gave us permission to play their songs on the day.

Artist Songs Website
Aaron Smith City Lights
Ryan Alexander Butterflies
Mr Hyde
beatdock Systematic
Power Glam
Lost in Space
Dan-O Dublin Forever
Snap Sphere
The Owl Named Orion
The Freak
Fandango Orchestra
Boogich Bulgar
Mundo Canibal
HASH World is Going Down
Internetfilm Magic Dream
Mon Village Western
MC Norman Babylon
Bam Bam
I Remember The Day
One More Night
pedrofanta1 Mavericks
Josh Woodward Josie has The Upper Hand

Fun Day Thanks

celebrate_clipart Just a quick note to thank the people of Alva and beyond for making our Fun Day worth while. We were exhausted, but happy by the end of the day having seen so many of you joining in with us. We’ll probably have more to say about the event later on, but for now, thank you to everyone who made it a really enjoyable event for all involved.

Queen’s Baton Relay Update

Athletics - Glasgow 2014 Queen‚s Baton Relay HandoutsWe have received an update from the council regarding the timetable for the Queen’s Baton Relay passing through Alva.

The baton will arrive in Alva on June 25th at 15.55pm and will be at the Cochrane Park at 16.11pm. It will leave the park at 17.09 and travel along the A91 towards Menstrie. The public are advised to view the baton from the nearside side of the road (south side of the main street) and in the Cochrane Park. Half an hour prior to the baton arriving in the park Tam Dean Burns will entertain with stories etc.

Alva Glen Illuminations and Glen Maintenance

aghtOur friends at Alva Glen Heritage trust have asked us to let you know that the fabulous Alva Glen Illuminations are planned for September 13th 2014. As well as a superb light show there will be face painting, glow-in-the-dark merchandise, hot food, and ice cream on sale.

However, if it is to be a success then we need volunteers to help make it happen.

Specifically, we will need some people for Friday September 12th to help erect lights, cables etc.
On Saturday 13th we will need people to act as marshalls and to collect donations in buckets.  Generally people to smile a lot and assist where necessary.
On the Sunday morning we need people to help take down all the lights and cabling.
Please visit if you are able to help.
Also, in order to keep the Glen in the manner to which we like to be accustomed, the group need volunteers for their Wednesday Work Groups. Once a month volunteers meet at the glen for litter-picking, weeding, clearing paths and pathways, cutting back vegetation, pruning back shrubbery, tidying up the Sensory Garden and anything else that may arise. The group meets at 11:00am and are usually finished my 1:00pm. Please visit their website and get in touch if you can help.
Up coming dates are:

21st May

25th June

23rd July

27th August

24th September

22nd October

26th November