Alva Community Bunting

After the success of our PomPom Fest last year we(Alva Community Council) have been getting asked if we are doing it again. The answer to that is “no”.
We are doing something different…..we are making Community Bunting. We hope that as many people (or more!) will get involved in making this to be put up before our fun day on 23rd May and left through the summer for the Alva Games. It can then be used each year and we can add to it as needed.
We would like people to make pennants (flags) from fabric which we will sew together on tape to make bunting to fit between the lamppost along the main street.
Each pennant needs to be approximately the same size and we hope to have them so that they can be viewed from either side. Single sided ones will be stitched back to back with another one.
Pennants can be cut from any fabrics and decorated in any way you would like…eg patchwork, appliqué, fabric paints, lace edges, or just an old printed T shirt, etc, etc, or just cut some patterned fabric to the correct size. Get your thinking caps on and be creative. Old sheets, jeans, shirts, etc are fair game!
Each pennant is to be the size of an A4 sheet of paper cut to shape.

The primary school has agreed to do a practical mathematical project with the children to measure the distance between the lampposts and work out how many pennants are needed for each stretch of bunting.