Alva Glen Clean Up

aghtOur friends at Alva Glen Heritage Trust have informed us that they are having a clean up on Sunday 2nd February. Here’s their notice.

Hi all
I’m sure we are all refreshed and ready to tackle some work in Alva Glen.  Our first workday is Sunday 2 February, meeting as usual in Alva Glen car park at 11 am.

A variety of tasks including:


There’s a few bits of litter around but particularly in the shrubbery next to the sensory garden and down the slope to the burn beneath the notice board.


The path between the car park and the pond is muddier than ever. Perhaps we could try scraping the layer of soft chippings that have decomposed or at least dig some temporary drainage gulleys.

Broken branches

The wind brought down another tree by the Rose Bridge over the Christmas period. (Almost exactly the same position as the last one that bent the railings). The Council removed the trunk from the path but there’s plenty of broken branches around that could be moved to our ‘chipping pile’ next to the monument. Lots of other fallen braches around: pond, both banks of the burn and near the Lade.

Ash saplings

Good time to thin out?


The Lade area still needs planting. Before Spring we need to come up with some ideas on what might be possible to put in. Also – how best to replenish the sensory garden.

Hope to see lots of you on Sunday.  The ground will be mucky so old gear would be a good idea.