Community Matters

This is important so we are posting the information again.

Are you part of a large or small group or organisation working for the benefit of the community in Alva.  If so, you should read this Community Matters article as you may wish to apply for some of the money that’s available; your group can apply for any amount up to £5,000. But don’t delay as the closing date for applications is 31 December 2016.
You may recall publication of the Alva Community Action Plan (CAPLan).  The CAPLan Steering Group are going to submit an application for some of the Community Matters (CM) funding.   Please let us know on our Facebook page or email  if you have any suggestions on what the group could apply for, based on outcomes of the Action Plan and the following CM criteria:
Community Matters funding is suitable for your Project if it can benefit our community by doing one or more of the following:
  • bringing land and buildings into effective use
  • contributing to, or encouraging economic development or providing employment for local people
  • creating an attractive and safe environment
  • preventing crime or reducing the fear of crime
  • providing or improving local social and recreational facilities
  • providing or improving training, educational facilities or community health services
  • assisting local people to make use of opportunities for education , training or employment
  • benefiting disadvantaged local people, or those who have special needs because of disability, their gender or the ethnic/racial group to which they belong