Fun Day Music Credits

expand_copyleftIt’s nice to have music playing on occasions like our fun day to help people have a good time. However funds are tight and we did not want to have to buy a PRS or PPL license in order to be able to play the copyrighted tunes that you hear on the radio every day. Fortunately there are some excellent resources on-line where you can get free tunes that can be used without having to pay a license fee. In the “sharing is caring” spirit in which these lovely people have provided music for us to enjoy we would like to give credit to the artists who allowed us to use their work by sharing it using Creative Commons licenses, as well as the local artists who explicitly gave us permission to play their songs on the day.

Artist Songs Website
Aaron Smith City Lights
Ryan Alexander Butterflies
Mr Hyde
beatdock Systematic
Power Glam
Lost in Space
Dan-O Dublin Forever
Snap Sphere
The Owl Named Orion
The Freak
Fandango Orchestra
Boogich Bulgar
Mundo Canibal
HASH World is Going Down
Internetfilm Magic Dream
Mon Village Western
MC Norman Babylon
Bam Bam
I Remember The Day
One More Night
pedrofanta1 Mavericks
Josh Woodward Josie has The Upper Hand