Next Alva Glen Work Day

News of the next work day from Alva Glen Heritage Trust.

Hello Alva Glen volunteers,

Our next workday on Sunday 1st March will provide you with a range of interesting possibilities.

– The OLP (Ochils Landscape Partnership) team have arranged a ‘Woodland Management’ course in the Glen for anyone interested in learning how to manage and improve the flora and fauna of the glen. The day will start with an explanation of the theory and practices underlying woodland management and will be followed by practical session in the glen itself.

The course begins at 10am (in the Masonic Hall near the entrance to the Glen) and ends at 4pm so it will be necessary to bring a packed lunch.

Parking is available at the Masonic Hall.


Participant numbers are limited so please book in advance using the contact details provided at: where you will also find more information.
– ¬†As part of the ‘Grow Wild’ project Claire has funding to enhance the AGHT container in the car park. A number of people will be needed to help erect internal cladding, shelves and tool racks etc. This work will begin at the normal 11am but may continue on into the afternoon.


– Others may wish to continue with our standard maintenance tasks (litter picking, fallen branch collection etc) between 11am and 1pm.

– Also, while you’re there, take a look at the work currently going on to install power outlets in the Glen to help us improve the next Illuminations and provide opportunities for new events.