Alva Welcomes The Queen’s Baton

On Wednesday June 25th 2014 the Queen’s Baton arrived in Alva to be carried to Cochrane Park by a relay of 6 local people. There it was greeted by pipes and drum, dancers from Alva Academy, singers from Alva Primary School, Highland dancers, and a warm welcome from the people of Alva. We’d like to thank everyone who helped to organise and set up for “B in the Park”, and to the people of Alva who helped to make this a memorable occasion. I managed to get some video footage of the baton making its way through Alva and the festivities in the park. Thanks to Patricia Ward for the photos and Graham Burt for the “arriving at the park” video footage.

Baton bearers are:

  • Jenny Paterson
  • John Glencross
  • Barry Munro
  • Fiona Lee
  • Chelsea Murphy
  • Lesley Dawson

Just in case anyone is interested in knowing how it is possible to race the baton up the main street and get in front of most of the runners to get video footage, here’s a video of my wee adventure.