Reminder to have your say on the Scheme of Establishment for Community Councils within Clackmannanshire Council.

This is a reminder to advise everyone that the above closes on Friday 8th September 2017 at midnight. It is available on Clacksweb under C for Community Councils, then select the Scheme of Establishment link which will then take you to the appropriate page. There are five questions/statements for completion and when completed hit the submit button at the end.

It is chance for ALL residents of Alva to input your ideas/suggestions on how the Scheme of Establishment can made simpler and/or more effective.

There will be 15 paper copies in Alva CAP/Library from Wednesday 6th September 2017 for those who prefer a paper copy. Hand it back to the CAP/Library staff and they will return it to Lesley Baillie.

Therefore, if you wish to have your say, please do so by 4:20pm latest on Friday of this week. The more people who respond the better for the community council(s).

Thank you

Mary Dalrymple

Alva Community Councillor