Road Surface Meeting

Tuesday 16/08/2016 I arranged to meet a Clackmannanshire Council Roads Officer by the bus stops at the western side of town to have a look at the newly dressed road surface, point out some of the issues and see if any remedial action could be taken.

It was agreed that the road was in need of another sweeping in order to remove the last of the loose gravel and this will be arranged.

The officer agreed that the initial padding of the road had been of poor quality and claimed that the worst of it had been dealt with before the surface dressing was in place. I expressed my skepticism of this since it was still pretty rough in places. We stood by the bus stop at the western end of town on the eastbound carriageway. Because of the dressing it is almost impossible to notice the bumpiness of the road, however we certainly felt how bumpy it is when a passing bus shook the pavement. Because there is not much likelihood of the roughness causing damage to vehicles, and because the nearby houses are back away from the road it is unlikely that anything will be done to smooth it out. However she will report back to the roads department who will make a decision. We’ll update here if we hear anything.

I asked about why they seemed to be only doing random areas (as asked by a member of the community on facebook). I was told that the surface dressing is used as a means to extend the life of roads that are starting to show signs of age. Apparently it puts off the day on which a whole new surface is required. She acknowledged that no one likes surface dressing, but it is a cost effective way to extend the life of a road surface, and while it is temporarily inconvenient, the loose gravel does not last more than a couple of weeks.

Anyone who wishes to know more about surface dressing can read Clackmannanshire Council’s explanation.

If you are still unconvinced that it is an effective solution and would like to see it discontinued then you can sign the UK Government “Stop councils using surface/gravel dressing to maintain roads” petition.

Please get in touch if you would like us to pass on any comments to the Council.