Webteam Guide


The purpose of this document is to provide instructions and reference for those who are on the webteam. It is not set in stone and should be seen as a fluid guide that may be subject to change if any good ideas are forthcoming.


An email list has been created and each member of the team added to it. The address is webteam@alvacommunitycouncil.org.uk. Anyone may send email to this list. Its main purpose is for us to receive requests from others to put content onto our site. It can also be used for discussion among ourselves without needing to involve the rest of the community council.

One thing we need to bear in mind is the issue of replies. Replies to a mailing list is a controversial topic with some people believing very strongly that clicking “reply” should generate a reply to the person who sent the email, with others believing equally strongly that it should generate a reply to the list. Our councillors mailing list is for internal discussion only and is configured so that replies go to the list. This makes it easier to manage the discussion for all members.

However, the web team are expected to be a bit more tech savvy. Since the source of an email can come from outwith the list it makes sense that hitting reply will generate a reply to the poster. That is how the list is configured. When replying to a message sent to webteam you should always add webteam to the list of recipients for the reply.

When a request is made via the mailing list, any member of the team who is able to fulfil the request should reply to the requester and to the webteam list with a “Will do” type email so that the rest of the team know that the job is in hand, followed by a “Job Done” email to the requester and to the list when complete.



This is not meant to be a manual on how to do everything possible with the site. It’s not even a “How to use WordPress” manual. There are better manuals online than anything I could write here. All team members are encouraged to visit http://acc.philward.me.uk/wp-admin where they can login and create posts to their hearts’ content to hone their skills.

Creating Posts

So you have logged in to the site and want to communicate with the world. You should be looking at the Dashboard page. At the top of the page you’ll see “+ New”. Hover your mouse and the menu will appear. Click “Post”.

Give the post a title before anything else as this is used to create the URL of the post.

You can then use the editor to enter your text and insert any images or document boxes into the post. On the right of the page is the list of Categories. Please make sure to select an appropriate one for your post.

Scroll down the post and at the bottom right you’ll see “Set featured image”. Please try to use this for every post you create. Either choose an existing image from the media gallery or upload your own. The featured image appears at the top of the post and is also the image that facebook grabs to display when linking to the post so it should be eye catching and appropriate to the post content.


If you wish to add your own images for use in posts then you may do so either from within the post editor by clicking “Add Media” and choosing “Upload Files” or if you are not editing a post you can mouse over to “+ New” and click “Media”. Please don’t post massively huge images. Modern digital cameras create files that are enormous. Please shrink them to no larger than 1024×1024 pixels before posting.

The Live Site

Once you are able to post on the live site please bear in mind that as soon as you publish a post it will automatically be sent to our facebook page and our twitter feed. If there are any mistakes on the page then they may show up on the facebook link even if they get fixed later. Tidying up is possible but unpleasant and messy. You can always save drafts and preview your posts before you publish.