West Stirling Street Road Surface

We thought that people would like to know that we have submitted a complaint to Clackmannanshire Council regarding the work that has been done recently on West Stirling Street.

Many people find the gravelly surface dressing annoying but the loose chippings don’t tend to last more than a few weeks. However, the poor quality, lumpy patching that was done before the surface dressing will be in place for a lot longer and this has been the main cause of our complaint since the road is now bumpier than it was before work commenced.

We have had a response from them apologising for it and accepting that the patching work is of a low standard. I am in the process of arranging to meet with our local Roads Officer. If anyone has any comments they would like me to pass on then please comment via facebook, send us a tweet or email webmaster@alvacommunitycouncil.org.uk.

There may be a chance of some remedial work. We shall see.