YOU could be a Community Councillor

In October 2016 across Clackmannanshire all existing Community Councillors will step down from their roles and a new Community Council will be elected in each area as announced on Clacksweb. Some of the existing Community Councillors will be standing for re-election while others may decide not to continue on.

This is an opportunity for all Clackmannanshire residents to get involved in local democracy and serve their local communities.

For more information on what it means to be a Community Councillor please see Introduction to Community Councils. If you wish to contact your local Community Council then please see the Community Councils contacts page on Clacksweb.

Alva currently have 9 Community Councillors out of a maximum of 14 so even if all existing members wish to stand again there is room for 5 new Community Councillors.

If you are a Clackmannanshire resident then please consider if joining your local Community Council would be an appropriate way to serve your local community. Nomination packs are available from Clackmannanshire Council and form must be returned by 15th September 2016.