Alva Outdoor Gym

The Alva Community Action Plan Group are delighted to announce that an Outdoor Gym will be installed in the town’s Cochrane Park in Spring 2018.

The project has been made possible by a grant of £2000 from EDF Burnfoot Hill Community Fund and over £5,000 from the former Ochil Leisure Centre group.

There are well documented health benefits from the combination of fresh air and exercise as well as increased social interaction, sensory stimulation and fun. The Outdoor Gym is aimed at those over age 14 and will contribute to the promotion of physical activity by providing readily available and enjoyable ways to exercise in the park, overcoming barriers to exercise such as cost and accessibility.

Clackmannanshire Council’s Landscape Design Officer, Mike Nicoll has worked with the group giving advice and guidance on choice of equipment, location, etc, and has secured a good price for equipment using the Councils procurement arrangements.

The six pieces of equipment will be fixed on rubber grass matting and are: Air Skier, Air Walker, Ski Stepper, Rower, Sit Up Bench and The Twister.   They will be located on the grassed area behind the toilet block. The group hope to secure further funding to extend the facility in due course.

Alva’s Community Action Plan was published in Sept 2015 following consultation where everyone in each Alva household was invited to take part in a survey.  The following are quotes;

‘The parks in Alva could be developed further to attract more visitors adding attractions such as… outdoor gym…’

‘There is a strong desire for further investment in sports and leisure facilities within the town’.

The Community Action Plan (CAPLan) can be viewed online at Notes of CAPLan Steering Group meetings are also available via the Meetings and Minutes option of the website.  The Steering Group is made up of some Alva Community Councillors and members of the Alva community.  Anyone wishing to join the group or find out more please email

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