Budget Cut Proposals – How To Have Your Say

Did you know you can have your say about the drastic 2018 Council Budget Cut Proposals?
Here are your options…

If you haven’t already, to look at the Clackmannanshire Council 2018/19 Budget Consultation –  View/Download PDF Booklet Here
and give your response online here at Your Budget Proposal Views as proposals include…

  • Closure of Alva CAP (Library)
  • Community Asset Transfer of Alva’s Cochrane Hall
  • Reduction in Secondary School Subject Choices
  • Provide (Reduce) School Transport to Statutory Levels
    Paper copies of the consultation are now available at Alva CAP where completed responses should be returned.  (There is a letterbox so we are not restricted to returning the forms during CAP opening hours).

    Clackmannanshire Third Sector Interface (CTSI) with Clackmannanshire Council are holding a public consultation meeting to seek YOUR views on the impact the proposed cuts will have on the ALVA community. 
    This will take place on Tuesday 9th January, Cochrane Hall, 6pm to 8pm. We will be there with paper copies of the consultation for those who want them.

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