Proposed Alva West Development – Online Public Consultation Event

From Agent’s website.

The Public Consultation Event between 4 – 6pm on Thursday 7th January will be conducted as a “Teams Live Event”, and can be accessed by clicking on a link which will be published here tomorrow morning. Clicking on this link will take you straight to the event.

There will be a brief introduction to introduce panellists at 4pm, however it will be possible to join the event at anytime between 4 and 6pm. Please submit your questions to the panellists by clicking “ask a question” then type in your question.

We would ask you to include your name, and please note that the event will be recorded. This will allow the applicant and panellists to review all questions raised and address these following the event. Details will not be used for any other purpose, nor passed onto any third parties, other than to inform Planning of the matters raised.

Once you ask a question, this will be answered by a member of the panel, either verbally or by a typed response. In the latter case, further discussions can take place between yourself and the panel member. All questions, and subsequent written responses from the panel, will be private and not visible to other attendees unless it is deemed to be a public benefit.

It may be that it is not possible to answer your question during the event, in which case we will ask for contact details, allowing us to respond after the event. If you are unable to attend the Live Event, you can still submit comments by email anytime until the 17th January 2021.

Finally, we would ask you to appreciate that this is not the traditional way of conducting Public events, but under the guidance relating to the current Pandemic physical attendance is not permitted and hence the need for online events. As such, we would ask you to bear with us.

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