Scottish Child Payment Information

This new benefit will open on Monday 15 February 2021.
It’s a payment for families on certain benefits or tax credits.
Eligible families will get £40 every four weeks for each child
under six.

Find out more at
or call us on 0800 182 2222.

Fact Sheet

What is Scottish Child Payment?
It’s a new payment for families on certain benefits or tax credits to help towards the costs of looking after a child. It’s £40 paid every four weeks for each child under six.
It opens on Monday 15 February 2021 but we are taking applications now to help us
manage demand.
Who can get it?
People can apply for Scottish Child Payment whether in work or not.
People may be eligible if they, or their partner, are the parent or full-time carer of a child who will be aged under six on 15 February 2021 and if they get certain benefits or tax credits.*
*Child Tax Credit, Income Support, Pension Credit, Working Tax Credit, Universal
Credit, Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA), income-related Employment and
Support Allowance (ESA).

How many children can qualify for Scottish Child Payment per household?
Every child under six in a qualifying family will get a payment.

How do people apply?
We take applications via our freephone helpline on 0800 182 2222, by post or online at

Why are you asking people to apply now?
We are expecting a huge demand for this new payment. Encouraging people to apply now means we can check that we have all the information and evidence we need to make a decision once the benefit starts on Monday 15 February.

What evidence will be required?
We need evidence that the person applying is responsible for a child under six, usually through the child being named on a benefits claim. If more than one person applies for the same child we have a process for deciding who gets the payment, prioritising the person who the child lives with for the majority of the time.
Kinship carers can demonstrate responsibility for a child with a legal order or letter of support from a local authority.

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